• Whats is the diference of a foster sow and a nurse sow? 

On S4 a nurse sow is empty, it has already weaned it's whole litter (as last event added) before foster on other piglets. A foster sow is still lactating. 

  • What is the difference between a full weaning and a partial weaning?

A full weaning is when a sow weans all the piglets that are with it. It becomes empty and ready to be mated again.  A partial weaning happens when some piglets remain with the sow, it weans an amount of piglets, but not all of the litter. The sow is still lactating.

  • May I add death along with the weaning?


  • What is destination group?

It is the group you are transfering the piglets on the next phase. You can use an existing group with animals with similar age, or you can create a new group.