• When Sould I add a farrowing on S4?

Anytime that a pregnancy come to an end. You should add on S4 every event that happens on the farm.

  • Why should I inform livingborn, stillborn and mummified?

In order to have a accurate report, all information that occurs on the farm is relevant and should be added on S4. The more information you have entered the easier it gets to identify the development areas of your farm and manage it's performance.

  • What is a stillborn?

This category on S4 puts together tow types of identified deaths during farrow, it's similars, and it is: Stillborn (piglets that died shortly the farrow event and born dead (ppiglets that died during farrow).

  • Whats is a mummified piglet?

Mummified piglet is a piglet that are dead in the sow's wounb, it has a caramel color, and it looks dehydrated (aspect of a mummy) and a reduced size.

  • What is a low viability piglet?

It is a piglet that was born under weight, it's condition predispose the piglet to a low rate of survival, this effect been seen on piglets under 1Kg, in aditional to low weight these piglets have lower level of body energy reserves, greater sensitivity to cold and take longer to be fed and have less hability to choose the best teats.

For a better definition of the standardization of data collection on your farm, seek support from your technical management assistance.