• Forgot and/or lost S4 password to access the system?

Once you forget the S4 password, you can access the S4 login page https://s4farm.agriness.com and click on the button Forgot Password? on the next page add your e-mail and click New Password. A e-mail will be sent to your e-mail with a link to change your password.

OBS: It cannot be done by the app

Bellow you can check how to proceed with it: 

1º Step: acess https://s4farm.agriness.com/ and click on 'Forgot password?'

2º Step: enter your login email on the platform and click on 'New Password'.

Tip: Don't leave any blank spaces before or after when typing.

3º Step: wait to receive the email for reset.

4º Step: open you email, find the automatic email and click 'Creat new password'.

Remeber to check spam box if necessary.

5º Step: set and confirm your new password and click 'Submit'.

And that's it, you'll already have access to the services on the Agriness Platform.