Open the app and use the same login and password as used on s4 web.

Click on "farm" to choose your farm

Select the service icone to add a new mate data entry

At the new screen click on the plus (+) icone at the right bottom of the screen

This area is made of three steps. First step is entering the date of the mate, the emplyee performing the mate and the sow's location for last. After filling these information click on "next" button.

Just a reminder that the only mandatory fill on this step is the date, employee and locations of the sow are optional fills.

Step 2 is to choose a boar. Click on "select boar" and will appear a list of the available boars you can pick.

You can select a boar onthe list ou type to search the specific boar you want.

After that click on Next to go to step 3, which is choosing a sow. On the following screen click on select females. Note you can mate more than one sow as long as you mate with the same boar.

You will be able to choose a sow among pregnante, empty and lactating. As in the previous screen you can pick from the list ou type the specific sow you want to mate. You can choose several sows swiping left.

You can choose several sows swiping left after choosing a sow. ONce you are done choosing the sows, click on "conclude".

If you are not conected, it will appear a sync icone showing the mates were not synchronized with S4 Web however it will be saved on the app. Once you are online sync it so the submitions enter the S4 Web.