In order to add a weaning, you should access: 

Managementjo> Farrowing> Data Entery> Weaning.

Click on the icone  

It will open a screen to insert data: 

  • Sow ID: (It's status must be lactating)
  • Weaning date.
  • Weaning forecast: additional information that shows the most accurate data for weaning.  

 On the same screen you can also insert data of piglet's death or foster piglets by clicking in the icone

  • Weaned: The amount of piglets.
  • Total / Medium Wheight (kg).
  • Destination group. 
  • Destination Location

If you are in a genetics farm, you can click on the icone   and click next.

It will show a screen where you can choose the piglets by ID Or select it by clicking on the box next to the ID.

Once you are done, just click save and continue to keep adding weanings or click save and close to leave the weaning screen.