How to add a nursery or finishing piglet sale?

A group sale in nursery or finishing phases happens by location. Therefore if your group is located in more than one location, you will need to register more than one sale to close the group in the system. 

A venda do lote na creche ou terminação acontece por localização. Logo se o seu lote é divido em mais de uma localização, 

For instance, if you group has 30 piglets, divided in 3 different locations, to close this group you will have to add 3 different sales in the same group.

Bellow you can see how to add those sales in S4:

Access: Management > Nursery / finishing > data entry > sales


In order to add click on the icon

It will open a screen to fill the following information: 

  • Origin Group - Name of the group t be sold;
  • Group location ;
  • Sale date; 
  • Amount of animals to be sold
  • Average wheight 

One you are done click on "save and continue" to add another sale, or "save ad close" to leave the add sale screen.