Application download

Before entering the application and accessing your farm data, you must download the Agriness P4 application on your mobile phone. To download it, follow the steps below:

1- Access the Play Store or Apple Store on your mobile

2- Search for the Agriness P4 app

3- Start downloading the application on your device

Accessing your farm in the app

To access your farm data on the app, follow these steps:

1- Open the application

2- In the user field, type your farm user passed by the technician

3- In the password field, enter your password to access the application. If you want to view the password entered, click on the eye symbol next to the password field (shown in the image).

4- After checking the password and users typed, click on Login to access your farm in the application.

If you still don't have your username and password, consult your technician or our relationship team by chatting on this screen or by:

[email protected]

+55 48 3028-0015

+55 48 9101-4766 (chat only)