Harvest is the moment that broilers are leaving the farm for slaughter, the closing of the flock.

So, in the same way that we need to confirm placement in the application, we will also need to confirm the harvest of these birds, so the flock can be closed correctly in the system.

To finalize your flock in the application, first access the Confirm Harvest section of the house in which you would like to insert the data.

By clicking on this section, you will be taken to the Add tab, where you can enter harvest data.

To confirm harvest in the app just fill in the following data:

1-1- Date and time: Select the date and time or age at which broilers left the farm.

2- Number of birds: Record the number of chickens that were sent for slaughter.

3- Died during harvest: Enter the number of birds that died during the harvest (this quantity includes dead and culled birds)

4- Birds for farmer consumption: Record here the number of birds that were taken for consumption by the farmer.

5- Bird weight: Record in this field broilers average weight at harvest. 

After checking that all the data entered is correct, confirm your harvest in "Confirm harvest". So your data will be sent to the system and soon the flock will be closed on the application. 

Checking harvest data 

To check the harvest data entered in the application, simply access the Data Entry tab in the Confirm Harvest section.

If you find out any wrong data, please contact our relationship team to request that this data is corrected.

After confirming the harvest, you will not need to take any further action in the application for this flock, which should be closed within 5 days. 

If you have any questions, please consult our relationship team by chatting on this screen or via:

[email protected]

+55 48 3028-0015

+55 48 9101-4766 (chat only)