If you want to know the farm inventory, you can go to Farm> Analysis> Inventory

In this report, you will have an option of selecting the date you want to analyze the inventory. By default, the starting date always comes from the current date.

This report contains 4 parts: General situation, female inventory by reproductive status, female inventory per cycle and piglet inventory by Phase

General situation:

In general, it will display the inventory by pig phases and the total inventory in the farm, which is the sum of sow, gilts, piglets and active males.

Female inventory by reproductive status:

Here you will have the number and percentage of females by each reproductive stage: gilts, pregnant, lactating and empty. In addition, it will have the percentage of what Agriness considers as ideal for each of those reproductive stages.

Female inventory per cycle

This part will represent the number and percentage of females according to the cycle. Also, the Ideal value that Agriness considers for a farm will appear.

Piglet inventory  per stage

Lastly, there are piglet inventories according to their phases and the phases that the farm uses. It will also present how many of those piglets in each phase are in the Hospital and how many are disqualified.

What influences the inventory ?

To check how inventory has changed, it is necessary to analyze the entry and exit of animals in the farm. To do this, you must open the S4 General or the report of the herd movement in the farm> Analysis> S4 General or the movement of the breeding, put the period you want to analyze and check the animals' entries and exits in that period, as well as check the Final Stock :