Don't worry. This is a situation that can happen, since the operation of the application depends on data integration between Agriness and the customer.

What is data integration?

Data integration is a process of exchanging data between companies. In our case, the contracting company (Integration / cooperative) it is compromised to send Agriness all production data necessary for the system to work (such as placement data, feed delivery, flock harvest, etc.).

As soon as the data is received by Agriness, the integration process starts and it is updated daily, sending the data to the application.

If the integration is updated daily, why is my feed data is taking so long to enter the application?

Despite the data being integrated and updated daily, the sending of it by the client is not always done on the date on which the event occurred. Therefore, the longer it takes the customer (company / cooperative) to send us this data, the longer it will take it to be integrated and enter the application.

Example: There was a feed deliver at the farm at 02/10/2021. However, to allow the feed entry in the application, the integration team needs that the feed delivery invoice go to the producer in the truck and return to the company to be registered. After this registration, the company sends this data to Agriness, that will integrate this data and make it available on the platform, allowing the producer to enter feed data in the application. If the customer takes, for example, 5 days to register this delivery data and return to Agriness, the feed data will be available in the application only around 02/16/2021.

Therefore, the time space between receiving feed on farm and entering in the application will depend on the time that the corporation takes to make the data available to Agriness. In these cases, we need to wait for this sending and when the data entered the application, insert retroactive data from this feed deliver.