You must click on the "Accommodation" button to check the data and accept this purchase of animals. The steps to follow are:

  1. Accept receipt, if everything is ok with the farm data.

  2. Select the stage of these animals: Nursery or finishing.

  3. Choose the batch and finally confirm receipt.

NOTE: the option to select the current phase only appears when I transfer animals that can be housed in more than one phase, otherwise the system automatically sets the phase, for example, I sold from a UPL farm to another UPL system selects the phase of nursery automatically.

- How to accept a purchase?

There are two ways:

Farm > Trans. between farms:

Or through the notification button that will appear next to the farm's name, in the upper right corner of the screen:


Either way, we will be able to reach the same result. After acceptance, it is necessary to complete some information to confirm the transfer.

- Is it possible to house animals in more than one lot?

Yes, it is currently only possible for commercial farms.

Upon accepting the transfer, the next step is to check the data, select the desired phase, and then define the batch, which can be only one for all animals, or more than one.

For multiplier farms, which sell selection animals with individual identification, we will have this option in the future, today it allows housing in only one lot.