Check out what's new on the S4 in February 2022 here:

  • Improvements in the Sow Card

    To check all the improvements made to the Sow Card:

    Management > Reproductive squad > Analysis center > Sow Card.

1. Primary and secondary ID verification

    Did you know that you can now locate females that have lost their primary identification much faster?

    The novelty is that now the sow card shows the two identifications - primary and secondary.

    In the example below, we have Z0001 as the primary ID of the female, and A987 as the secondary ID.

2. Show mating week on the printed Sow Card

    The week of mating has been included next to the coverage date information on the first and last mating. Check the example below:

  • Improvements for Genetic Farms

1. Show the product of selection crosses

The Pedigree field was added to the Sow Card in genetics farms:

2. Transfers between farms: more information in the final step

The batch, location and number of animals columns were added in the transfer between genetics farms, when we have multiple batches in the housing, that is, this information will appear in all batches and locations involved in the housing:

3. View the piglets in the batch in the piglets tab, in the Animal Group Card

Now, when accessing the Animal Group File, you will be able to check and see which piglets are in that lot. For this, the piglets need to be identified.

Some thoughts on the improvement:

1. Sorting the list: primary identification of the piglet.

2. Even if the lot is closed, if it has active piglets associated with it, it should be shown.

Check out the example below:

4. Female and boars fields available on the  Sow Card of selection females

    The Females and Boars fields were added to include the number at the time of delivery and are available next to "Delivery Information". Check out the example below:

5. Visualization of piglet genetics at farrowing in genetic farms

     It is now possible to visualize the product in the printed Sow Card. To do this, simply configure the product in the coverage section before printing.