Check out what's new on the S4 in May 2022 here:

  • Improved input stock adjustment screen

    The input stock adjustment functionality had its layout improved, making it easier to use and also attending suggestions proposed by our customers.

    Initially, the screen is displayed “empty” so that the user can inform the input that he wants to adjust the stock.

How it was: the user had to inform one by one the input he wanted to change the stock.

As it is now: from the created filter, the person accessing this screen can choose the desired input(s).

You can check it in Menu > Inputs.

  • Improved performance report date filters and thematic analysis

    We've made improvements to date filters for performance reports and thematic analyzes that use start and end dates. The objective is to make the analyzes faster, as this improvement allows the user to avoid having to repeat the dates in the filters for each analysis performed, thus saving time.

How does it work in practice?

    In the first access to the system, there will be no date suggestion, but after the user enters a date in one of the reports, this date will be saved and replicated to the other reports and/or analyses. These dates will be saved in the browser, that is, they will not be saved per user or per farm.