Fallout Pigs are animals that stay on the farm longer than expected, one of the reasons, for example, may be the fact that they do not reach the ideal weight.

In order not to harm the farm's indexes, they are released as ''fallout pigs'', which is considered a continuous group but treated separately from the other animals. The sale of fallout pigs is one of the ways we register the animals leaving the group, therefore, in order to register a sale it is necessary to inform the group that contains the animals being sold. There are two ways to include the sale of fallout pigs in the S4 platform.

In case the farm already is a Fallout Pigs Farm, you can go in Management > Fallout pigs > Data Entry > Sales, as shown in the image below:

When you click on the (+) symbol in the right corner of the screen, you can include a sale by informing the Sale Date, Amount and Average Weight.

If you wish, you can fill in additional data such as the sale price, client, transport ID and Invoice.

If the farm is a Farrow to Finish or Farrow to Nursery they'll not have a specific button named Fallout Pigs.

It is necessary to make a transfer between groups, for the  Fallout pigs group, which comes default. After making this transfer to the Fallout pigs group, you can make the sale.

To enter the sale you will need to go to Management > Nursery > Data Entry > Sales and click on the (+) symbol. In the ''group origin'' you will select ''Desclassified''.