What is Blocking Retroactive Input?

It is an S4 feature that is present in the Audit Module.

Its objective is to be able to define some parameters that help to prevent changes made with retroactive dates to the farm data, as these changes directly impact the results.

If the farm owner chooses to use this configuration, you will see that it is divided into two types of blocking, which can be months ago or days ago.

How to configure it?

You must access the Farm menu > Settings > Audit tab > select the option “BLOCKING RETROACTIVE INPUT?”

When selecting “YES”, you must choose the desired option:

  • Previous months
  • Days ago

How does each one work?

  • Previous months:

  • Days ago:

Which user is allowed to set or change this setting?

Only the user with the permission type OWNER/ADMIN the farm will be able to change the configuration and/or perform actions without being blocked by the configuration.

What types of events will this setup cover?

Data entries, editing, and deletion events will be covered by the configuration.

How do I know I will be blocked at launch?

When trying to edit, delete or insert a new event, the system will bring up a message.

What events will be blocked when the setting is enabled?

Insert, edit and delete events will be covered by the configuration.

** In this first version, input and economic events cannot be blocked.

Will this feature be available for all type of farms?

It depends on the contracted management plan. If you need help understanding, please contact our sales team or local representative.