Non-productive days (NPD) is a sum of non-productive days on the farm when a sow was empty or not producing.

The total of non-productive days is the sum of all events on the farm where a sow is empty or not producing.

The day count starts from the last productive event when the sow received, for example, a weaning.

After the female is discarded for NPD calculation questions, no other non-productive intervals of the female are counted.

It is considered that the productive life of the female on the farm goes until her disposal, including automatic disposal by sale.

In order to analyze NPD in the breeding, you can go to Management > Breeding Herd > Analysis Center > NPD Analysis

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In order not to count NPD on the sows that will be sold, there are two options:

1- Launch the discard as soon as you launch her last movement (weaning for example) and launch the sale whenever you want.

Management > Breeding Herd > Data Entry > Culling > Add Culling

2- Directly launch the sale after the weaning 

Management > Breeding Herd > Data Entry > Sales > Add Sales