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1. Bulk load

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1. Bulk load

It is now possible to import files (xlsx) with massive purchase records of females and matings to optimize the information process.

1. How does it work in practical steps?

In Farm>Settings>General>Data Import it is possible to allow importing a large volume of data through spreadsheets. 

Reminder: only Owner or Partner users have access to this functionality.

On this same page you will have options to select what information you want to have in the file when downloading, see the example:

By downloading the spreadsheet, you will be able to add purchase entries for females and matings. 

When opening the initial model of the spreadsheet, you will notice some columns with an asterisk ( * ), this means that it is mandatory to put the information in that column.

2. After completing the spreadsheet with female purchase or matings, how do I upload it to S4?

In Management> In the purchase lists for females and matings, there is a button to import spreadsheets with event data. This button will only be displayed for farms that have been configured to allow importing in spreadsheets, as per step 1.

Important: It is possible to only purchase gilts and empty females, pregnant females does not enter this functionality.

After clicking this button, the data import process begins, which we can divide into a few steps:

  • Select the file(s) to upload

Attention: Files with a format other than that allowed are displayed with an error message;

Files in correct format display gray bar and 'Ready to import' message.

  • Tracking upload 

You can track files being uploaded to S4. Once the "FINISH" button is enabled to click, it means that the import process is finished.

There may be cases in which files that started the import process finish and others that presented an error during the process. In this case, just delete the error and try again.

  • Waiting for events to be generated in S4

The files will be sent to the file manager, where the user can see the import status.

See that now our file manager has a tab for downloads and another for uploads.

File lines that successfully passed validation will have the handling event automatically created in S4.

However, lines that have typing problems will be listed in an error file.

You can download it to understand which lines have the error, and then just adjust the error and upload the same file again, using the import button in the corresponding event listing, as in step 2. The errors will be listed at the end of the last column of the worksheet.

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