Check out the news released on S4 on December 2023 here:

S4 Web

1. List of inputs with totals

2. Export of stage performance reports

S4 App 

1. Password reset via S4 app

S4 Web

1. List of inputs with totals

An improvement was made to the exports (pdf, csv, xlsx) of data input listings and the inventory movement report. Now it is possible to export files containing the totals, which previously did not appear for users.

Where are the reports located?

Nutrition/ Animal health/Warehouse purchase list

Nutrition/ Animal health/Warehouse consumptions

Nutrition/ Animal health/Warehouse sales list

Nutrition/ Animal health/Warehouse inventory adjustment

How it works?

Just click on the export icons and the files will soon be available for download.

Example of a nutrition purchase list:

2. Export stage performance reports

Aiming to improve the export experience for the user, it is now possible to export reports with all selected filters, including grouped ones. Before it was not possible to obtain all the information together in one export, now the user can even download it in Excel to work on the information collected.

In which reports does this improvement apply?

S4 General

Breeding performance

Farrowing performance

Nursery performance

Finishing performance

Wean to finish performance

How it works?

When defining the filters and generating the report, the export options will appear, which will export as shown on screen.

Example - Farrowing performance grouped by genetics (CSV):

When you click on the export buttons, it will be sent to the download manager (next to the user profile on the screen) and will be available for download as soon as it finishes uploading.

After downloading the file will be available to the user.

S4 App

1. Password reset via S4 app

It is now possible to reset your login password directly from the S4 app!

How does it work in practice?

On the app login screen there is the option 'forgot my password', just click on the link that appears on the screen.

After this, a screen is displayed where you must enter a valid email address.

In the email, a link will be sent so that you can reset your password, just follow the steps and after choosing the new password, log in to your S4!

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