On S4 there is a lock option when adding some events on each phase. Once you close the lock, by clicking on it, you can speed up the process, by keeping the data instead of typing it all over again.

As an exemple, when you add a gilt puchase on: breeding herd > data entry > purchase > female> add gilt purchase you can keep some data such as bith date, purchase date, genetic, value of purchaseweight purchase, supplier, location of the gilt. Therefore, when adding following gilts, with closed locks, you will need to input only primary id or second id, plus complementary data such as female characteristis and pen.

You also find the lock on Breeding > Data entry > Mating> Add mating. On the screen you can add up to three matings by clicking on the plus button. You can also use the lock to keep the boar data, time and employee. Once you use the lock, the following mating you will need to fill only the sow ID. Making the data entry faster and easier.

At farrowing screen access Farrowing> Data entry> Farrowing> Add Farrowing, by clicking the lock you can keep some data such as Sow ID, stard date and time, end date and time, weight and some complementary data.