How to submit a mating entry

In order to submit a mating entry you should access:

Management > Breeding > Data entry > Mating

To add a mating click on this icone

It will open the "add mating" screen

  1. Fill the Sow ID

  2. Fill the Boar/Semen ID

Obs: If your boar is not yet registered you must entry it on: Breeding herd > Data entry > boars purchase > add)

  1. Date

  2. Hour and employee are not required.

  3. If you want to add more than one mating for the same sow just click on the plus icon  

  4. In case of several matings with the same boar after insert the ID click on the lock icon , The lock will close and keep the info for the next data entry.

Below there is some options of complementary informations you can add:

  1. Location os the sow

  2. Which pen

  3. Sow Wheight

  4. Characteristics of the mating

Down on the screen there is the icon, there you can describe some specificity of that mating or regarding the sow.

After filling all the data just click on the "save and close (if there is no other entry to add) or Save and continue (to add another sow mating).

Important reminder: The platform will only allow you to insert mating of registered animals, male and female.

  • What changes fro those who work with group management?

The first step for group management farms, is to set how is the group going to work (14, 21, 28 or 35 days) and also set which day of the week the activities of the farm starts. After those sets made, the mating data entry can start, therefore S4 will set the groups according to the mating's dates 

On the following video, of two minutes, you can see the attentions points.