The harvest event is considered to be the moment when the chickens are leaving the farm and go to slaughter, closing the respective flock.

When entering the harvest data in the application you will be informing the system that these birds are no longer in your aviary and that therefore the flock can now be closed in the system. For this reason, it is important that before entering harvest data you make sure that all the data regarding the flock has been entered correctly in the application.

It is important that the harvest data is entered carefully and correctly into the system, as it is currently not possible to edit or delete the harvest data by the application after submission.

Therefore, if you have entered any incorrect harvest information, please contact our relationship team as soon as possible, so that we can request the correction of the data internally. This correction can take some time (on average one week). After correcting the data, our team will contact you to confirm the change.

If you have any questions, consult our relationship team by chatting on this screen or via:

[email protected]

+55 48 3028-0015

+55 48 9101-4766 (chat only)