Agriness Presence allows the technician to register attendances (audits) and send recommendations to all farms under his responsibility.

Accessing Daily Visits 

Entering the application, you will be automatically directed to Home section. This section will always present technician's daily agenda.

Scheduling example shown on the picture:

Farm name: Farmer 1

Scheduled hour: 14:38

Audit reason: Placement attendance

Checklist to be used: Manejo geral

To start or edit audit data, click on the event shown in the agenda.

Acessing the audit 

By clicking on the event, you will be directed to the scheduled data, where you will see:

Farm name: Farmer 1

Audit reason: Placement check

Scheduled date: 2021/02/23

Scheduled hour: 14:38

Audit description: Placement attendance

Checklist to be used: Manejo geral

To start the audit, just click on Start Farm Audit.

If the technician needs to change any audit data, one click on the pencil (marked in red) will allow the data edition. 


Editing attendance data 

Entering the data editing tab, you will be allowed to change all data related to the visit.

Finish editing, click on Update attendance.

Then your scheduling data will be properly updated and you will be redirected back to the audit page (illustrated above).

If you have any questions, consult our relationship team by chatting on this screen or via:

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