With Agriness Presence, the technician can organize his week schedule according to his professional and personal appointments appointments. To access the agenda in the application, access the Agenda section.

In the agenda, the technician will find 3 types of events to schedule: event without producer, schedule with producer and quick visit.

Event without producer: Events that do not qualify a farmer attendance. Example: Participation in fairs / courses, going to the doctor, etc.

Schedule with producer: In this option, the visit is previously scheduled in technician's application as an appointment in the agenda. The scheduled visit allows the register of checklists, notes, recommendations and occurrences, as well as the inclusion of photos and videos as evidence.

Quick visit: It is an unplanned visit, which is not on the agenda of the day. In the quick visit, the technician can register notes, recommendations and occurrences (with the inclusion of photos and videos as evidence) but he does not have access to the checklists.

To schedule one of these events on the calendar, just click on the "+" symbol (marked in red)


After scheduling, these events will be added in the agenda and can be viewed in two ways: agenda of the week (in the Week section) and agenda for the days (in the Schedules section). To start the event, just click on the planned appointment.

Weekly appointments

Daily appointments

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