In Management > Breeding herd > Analysis Center > Females List, there’s a place to analyze the females in your farm

To find all your females by phase, you can click on the filter “All reproductive status” and select all your empty sows, pregnant sows or lactating sows, with one or more than one in this filter

It is possible to filter even more your search. 

You can select only Sows, or Gilts. You can select the situation such as Active, marked to be culled, or culled sows.

To find specific sows formore information, you can click on the blue filter icon, like the image below, and slide the filters:

1 - Open Sow days (to find unproductive sows, for example),

2 - Gestation Length (to the vaccine control, for example),

3 - Weaning age of piglets,

4 - Reproductive cycle.

Additionally, you can filter by: Genetics, Supplier or Location, if they are nurse now or if they have been mated at least once in this reproductive cycle 

For more visualization options, clicking on the button “Add new column”, icon showed in the image below, you can add more detailed information about your females in the list. That information can be useful if you want to print the list with information such as geneticsand so on.

To print, you can start clicking on the square in front of female that you want to select. If you want to print all the females on the page, click on the arrow on the blue bar located on the bottom of the screen and mark “select all on this page”. You can also delete the selection here.

To put more females for printing, you have to click on  “Limit by page” located on the bottom of the screen, and switch the limit to 20, 40, 60 or 100.