Check out what's new on the S4 in January 2022 here:

  • Extending the buying and selling age at termination phase

    We have increased the age of entry and exit of animals from the finishing phase to 400 days.

To access:

1. Farm > Settings > Management> Finishing

2. In validations, it will be possible to change the age of the animals, both for Purchase and Sale

3. Maximum age allowed: 400 days

  • Possibility of editing the cause register

    The improvement made was that it is now possible to edit the causes in the S4, that is, each farm can adjust the name of the causes as they prefer, considering the reality of their daily lives.

To access:

1. Farms > Settings > Records> Basics

2. Select the Causes tab and edit a cause.

  • Sales between farms: Allowing piglets to be housed for multiple lots on genetics farms

    Now, when transferring animals between farms, it is possible to house animals in more than one group. Until then it was only possible to choose multiple groups on commercial farms. Now genetic farms can also perform this operation.

    To verify this update, you must carry out a sale between farms. The farm that will receive these animals must confirm the arrival of these animals and follow the following ones, where it is now possible to determine which group the animals will go to.