Check out what's new on the S4 in April 2022 here:

  • Allow editing IDs in the transfer between farms screen

    This feature allows the farm that is receiving the animals via transfer between farms to change the primary and secondary ID of the animals. That is, the user will be able to enter the animals with the correct identifications and make the exchange in a faster way.

    As it was before: the farm would have to enter the animals with the identifications - primary and secondary - used in the farm of origin and then search for animal by animal and change the IDs.

This improvement can be verified at the time of acceptance of the animals on genetic farms. This novelty allows the user receiving the animals to have more freedom to modify the IDs on the animals as soon as they are transferred between farms.

  • Increase the number of characters in IDs

    What was done?

    The number of characters has been increased to 17 for editing and searching for primary and secondary IDs.

    How will this help you?

    When entering the purchase of a gilt, sow, male, pregnant sow, semen or birth event, it is possible to add, edit and search for animal IDs with up to 17 characters, making it easier for those who use long identifications.

    Previously, we had the possibility to include IDs with a much smaller number of characters, now with this increase, it is possible to insert them according to reality and use within your farm.