What is the download manager?

It is a resource that manages file exports carried out on the S4 in CSV and PDF format, that is, you will be able to check all the files exported from the system. The files will be generated and available in the File Download Center after the user performs the export of the files.

This management consists of:

  • Download the file to your computer;
  • Delete a generated file;
  • Delete all generated files at once;
  • Have file upload status: uploading, complete, error, downloaded.

You will be able to check all exported files by clicking on the notification button, which is next to the avatar icon (upper right corner of your S4), as shown in the image below:

Will all exports be in the download manager?

Not currently, as some reports load a large amount of data, this could affect the performance of the S4. That way, the files are generated asynchronously, that is, in the background, and you can continue using S4 for other operations while the system does the processing. Once completed, the file will be available for download.

In this first version, we considered that only the files generated through the “Export all” functionality will be downloaded asynchronously and will be displayed in the download notification center.

Note: reports with little data or even those in which the user uses the “Export page” option will continue to be generated on screen, not going to the download manager.

Example with the Breeding List:

How to know that a file has already been generated and is available for download?

Once the processing is complete, the icon will change to a small arrow facing down, showing that the download can now be performed.

Can any farm use this feature?

Yes, it is available for all farms that use the S4, but the visualization is for the user and not for the farm.