Check out what's new on the S4 in June 2022 here:

  •     Download manager

    The download manager is a new feature that manages file exports carried out on the S4 in CSV and PDF format, which means you can check all the files exported from the platform.

    The files will be generated and available in the File Download Center after the user performs the export of the files.

   You can find the download manager close to the avatar:

    This management consists of:

  • Download the file to your computer;
  • Delete a generated file;
  • Delete all generated files at once;
  • Have file upload status: uploading, complete, error, downloaded.

    All information about this new feature can be found by clicking here.

  • Blocking retroative input

    It is an S4 feature that is present in the Audit Module. The objective of it is to enable the user to define some parameters that help to prevent changes being made with retroactive dates to the farm data, as these changes directly impact the results.

The configuration allows you to choose:

- Previous months

- Days ago

  All information about this new feature can be found by clicking here.

  • New filters in three analyses!

A very important new for genetics farms, now we have new filters in the following reports:

Service performance chart 

Check in Management > Breeding > Analysis Center > Service performance chart

- Mated sow

Check in Management > Breeding > Analysis Center > Mated sow

- Due to farrow

Check in Management > Farrowing > Analysis Center > Due to farrow