Check out what's new on the S4 in July 2022 here:

  • Genetic Farms: Improvements to the Sales Report 


    Thinking about how to better meet the needs of our partners, genetics farms will now have a setting to display only the information they believe relevant in the Sales Report feature.

    In addition, it is now allowed to include a note for each piglet listed in the report and to show the commercial name of the product. To check, go to: Farm > Settings > Genetics > Sales report.

    The first step is for configuring the information that must be printed in the bulletins generated by the farm. This configuration is done only once and then all bulletins will be generated as configured, with the possibility of changing when necessary. In the Animal Information item, it will be allowed to mark up to 10 items in this section, remembering that the primary ID is already set and blocked.

    To generate a bulletin it is necessary to inform the piglets that will be listed in. To do this, click on the + button.

Using the filters, you will be able to bring in the sold piglets that will be printed in the bulletin. Then just mark the desired piglets and fill in the additional information.

   The 'Commercial name' was included in the breed register, and once informed, they are filled in, but the producer can change this information. Remembering that, if changed in this section, it will not be changed in the breed record. In addition, the 'Comment' field is available to include whatever you consider relevant for this animal.

    After being asked to generate the report on the screen above, the PDF with the bulletin will automatically be displayed. Note that the bulletin will be generated as the information marked on the configuration screen.

  • Identify nurse sow when launching weaning

   Did you know that it is now possible for you to check when the animal is a nurse sow when launching a weaning?

   This improvement came to make your operation faster, because now, when searching for the sow, the system will show the words "nurse sow", indicating that this female is a nurse sow. Check out the example below:

  • New crossbreed genetics and boar breed filters

    Now in genetic farms it is possible to do the analysis by genetics, for this, boar and crossbreed genetics filters were included in some reports, check below:

The filter is available in the following analyses: Mated Sow, Service performance chart, Due to farrow, Due to be weaned.

On genetics farms the crossbreed genetics filter will also appear under Farrowing performance and Breeding performance.

For genetic farms, the crossbreed genetics filter option will also appear.

    In the Boar or Crossbreed genetics filter, the breed must be informed by the user. As the measure enters the race, all breeds of gender "Male or Both" are displayed, which have the sequence of characters being typed in their name.

  • Genetic farms: Phase performance reports with grouping by breed

    It is now possible to filter stage performance with grouping by genetics. When the "genetics" option is selected in "group results by", that indicates that the genetics shown in the search result will be the genetics of the crossbreeds only. If you want to check the results by breed of the sow, only the filter "search by sow genetics" should be used.