The production Map is located under P+1 which is a methodology that aims to constantly increase productivity. The methodology is designed to deliver more with the same resources available on the farms, at adequate costs, thus driving to increase profitability and sustain business growth.

The production map aims to have a vision of the "TOTAL" through a visual management with the following premises: Everything within reach of the eyes, a quick look allows you to know what is happening, summarizes the complexity of management for the operational sector, it helps to reinforce alignments, it reinforces the culture of paying attention to facts and data, everyone can see and help in the improvement process, follow-up meetings become more dynamic and productive.

P+1 is available for users using the intermediate plan and is applicable to farms with production systems: as following Farrowing, Farrowing+ Fallout pigs, Farrow to Nursery and Farrowing to Finish.

To locate 'Production Map', just click on P+1 in the left side of S4 and then on ''Production Map''

The map is directly linked to the goals and settings registered in the system.

To learn more about goals and settings click here

To print the Production Map, just download the attached file.