The Service Performance Chart is intended to facilitate the visualization and monitoring of information related to mating carried out on the farm.

How does the Service Performance Chart work? We can start by analyzing the farm targets. To access the farm targets, you can go to:

Farm > Settings > Management > Farrowing. It is at this time that we inform the weekly farrowing capacity.

In the target setting, you must enter weekly farrowing capacity in the maternity unit and, as soon as it is defined, the gestation session will automatically show how many sows must be mating per week, since one data is dependent on the other. 

Then S4 will show this information in the Service Performance Chart report.

How to access the Service Performance Chart?

You can go to Management > Breeding > Analysis Center > Service Performance Chart.

You must enter a period (start date and end date) and you can also filter the search by breed or cycle of females, as in the image below.

This report will display information by week or by batch, depending on farm configuration.

The Service Performance Chart is composed of two tabs: Monitoring and Projections, and we will explain each of them below.


Under mating by week, it is possible to visualize the losses that happened throughout the week, hovering on the red square, you can visualize the type of event (repetition of heat, for example) the number of times  occurred, and the sow identification. This way, we can track this information, as shown in the image below.

By clicking on the individual information (as in the image above, number 37170), it is possible to go directly to the Sow Performance, which will show its history of reproductive loss, as shown in the image below.

The history of the sow allows us to visualize all the movements of this female, from the moment she entered the farm, such as cycles, matings (wheter males or semen), weaning, etc. It is a complete data about the entire history of this female.

On the Service Performance Chart, hovering over the mating weeks, it is possible to visualize the amount of sows covered during the week and the amount of sows "lost", either by repeat estrus, abortion or false pregnancy.

The Mating forecast that S4 generates, logically depending on whether there will be reproductive losses until the moment of mating. It is simply a prediction, as the name implies, about events that have not yet occurred.



To establish the productivity target in reproduction, it is necessary to determine the desired production volume (animals produced per week) which will be initially adjusted in the farm settings.

On the Projections tab, it is possible to view, by week, the expected matings, the number of weanings, the exit of animals from nursery and the finishing exits and replacement. S4 will indicate the percentage of goals reached based on the targets already pre-established in the settings.

To set a goal, it can depends on a series of factors, such as genetics, facilities, nutrition, management and even the sales and cost components. With the constant evolution of swine farming today's values of goals, in a few years will outdated.