In order to set how you want to see the sow printed sow card you can access:

Management > Breeding Herd > Analysis Center > Sow Card

Click on the setting icon right next to the printer icon:

It will open the setting to the card, so you can choose what you want to show on the printed card, information such as mating, farrowing, weaning and predicted events.

In the option “Sow infomation” you can HIGHLIGHT two information that you want to appear in larger letters once you print the card. One of the examples below is the highlight of the “situation” and “cycle” of the sow.

Skrolling down this window you can set from which cycle of the sow you wan to see. 

Other than that, you can set on witch document you want this info to appear.  

  • Only Record;
  • Only collection form;
  • Record and collection form 
  • Record and space record next event

Remember: always use the SAVE EDITIONS option, in order to keep your preferences saved.