How to add culling for a sow ?

Culling is  a way to inactivate a sow from a breeding herd. Meaning that if your farm is no longer going to use this sow it must be culled from the breeding herd. The culling does not  remove the sow from the breeding herd however prevents it to increase the NPD or cause any negative impact on the farm's performance

How to add a sow culling?

Access Management > Breeding Herd > Data entry > Culling



In order to add click on the icon  

It will open a screen to fill the following data:  

  • Sow's ID ;

  • Culling date; 

  • Cause of the culling (This cause was registered on the farm's settings )




If you are adding only this culling click on "save and close". If you have another culling to add click on "save and continue".  

Note that the culling alone does not remove the sow from the breeding herd, you still need to add the sale of this sow, otherwise it will appear as an inconsistency.