Check out what's new on the S4 platform in March 2022 here:

  • Possibility for the Owner to release and restrict access on S4

    Did you know that it is now possible for you, with the “owner of the farm” permission, to carry out your own releases and user access restrictions in Agriness S4?

    This new feature allows you to manage all the users that access the S4. See some of the possibilities:

✔️ Release access to a new farm employee or person who needs to access the platform

✔️ Define what the new user can run within the platfrom

✔️ REmove access from someone who no longer uses the S4 or who is no longer present on the farm

    To learn more about this new feature, click here to access the knowledge base. 

  •     Allow entry by replacement in the transfer between farms

    The option to transfer animals to the breeding stock was added in the types of farm: farrowing, farrow to nursery, farrowing to finishing, farrow + wean to finish.

    An important point is that the transfer must take place from a genetic farm to a commercial farm.

  •     Inclusion of the week in the delivery forecast of the printed form

    From now on we have available the week of the birth forecast in the printed female form. This information will be available next to the expected date of delivery:

  •     Inclusion of the last coverage in the printed female form

    A field called “last coverage” was included in the female form, in the “FemaleInformation” section. In this field, date + week will be displayed.

    When pulling the female card, it will be easier to visualize the last cover of the female, without opening other windows to find the same information. To check this feature, access the Sow Form on your S4.

  •     In the inspection, perform the automatic calculation of the feed conversion

    This improvement brought the calculation of feed conversion (A.C.) automatically,, that means the usability will be easier because the system itself will inform the value of the A.C. for the user.

    Currently in the inspection register the C.A. is informed by the user, but this information must be automatically calculated by the system when the piglet and the inspection weight are informed.

    If the inspection weight is informed: The feed conversion field should be automatically calculated (Formula) and the value displayed to the user. However, the user can change the calculated value.

    If the inspection weight is not informed: Display the blank field for the user to inform the value, if desired.