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1. Improvements in mortality analysis

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1. Gilt estrus release

News on S4 Web!

1. Improvements in mortality analysis

The objective of this improvement is to standardize the mortality analysis of the farrowing, nursery, finishing and wean to finish stages.  Users will be able to filter the analysis through the age graph to enhance the opportunities' evaluation.

Now, when clicking on one of the age groups, the system will apply a filter to the entire thematic analysis, that is, all data presented will be displayed only for deaths that occurred in that particular age group. See the following example: 

Before clicking: choose the age you want to select.

After clicking: the specific analysis of the chosen group will appear.

If the user wants to remove this filter, just click the three dots next to the filter button and clear the filters.

News on S4 App!

1. Gilt estrus release

It is now possible to launch gilt estrus in the S4 App. Just enter the card with the same name and click on the "+" icon displayed on the screen.

To delete, you can press for a few seconds a particular gilt estrus card in the listing, a confirmation of the deletion request is displayed. Once the user confirms this request, the rut is deleted.

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