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1. Open sows on the Breeding Herd screen

2. Records of tasks for Breeding Herd (Gilt and Open Sow)

3. Improvements in the Diagnostic Tree

News on S4 Web!

1. Open sows on the Breeding Herd screen

Seeking a practical visualization of the status of the sows inside the farm, we made an improvement in the Breeding Herd screen in which it is possible to check, in addition to the active and culled sows, how many females are empty at the moment.

To check, just go to Management > Breeding Herd > Overview.

2. Records of tasks for Breeding Herd (Gilt and Open Sow)

The option to add tasks on the Breeding Herd screen for Gilt and Open Sows is now available.

To check, just go to Settings > Records (tasks) > Breeding Herd 

3. Improvements in the Diagnostic Tree

The Diagnostic Tree is a tool from the Thinking+1 module that gathers the main productivity indicators to help in decision-making and improve the results of the farm.

Now, when opening the diagnostic tree, it is possible to verify that the title of the indicators was standardized and subtitles were added in the lower corner, helping to understand the screen.

  • Access information through Links

Now it's easier to relate the results of the diagnostic tree with the analysis data! Some of the main indicators have a link to access the analysis. When clicking on the link, the analysis will be opened in a new browser tab with the data already filtered by the same period of the diagnostic tree.

In this example, when clicking on the “Weaned” link, a new browser tab opens with the Weaned Pigs Analysis already filtered by the same date in the diagnosis tree.

  • Make simulations on the Diagnostic Tree!

Now it's possible to change the results to simulate scenarios and evaluate the effects. By clicking on ''simulate'' all of the datas that can be changed will have a pencil icon. 

The datas related to the changed value may be positively or negatively impacted. To represent these impacts, below the indicator result, you will have an arrow pointing up (positive impact) or down (negative impact), along with the impact value. 

The simulation can be undone by clicking on the “Leave Simulation” button. At this time, the diagnostic tree returns to its original values.

  • Print the Diagnostic Tree!

Both the diagnostic tree and the simulated tree can be printed by clicking on the print icon at the top of the page.


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